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Our work tells the story
Story telling is what we do. Whether it’s a narrative mini-documentary for a national non-profit organization, or a technical depiction of an industrial process for a global chemical company, we are known for our clear, compelling content driven work.

Today, content is king, but style cuts through the clutter. Clarity is not enough. In the current media landscape it takes style to stand out from the crowd and get your message noticed. Our work is consistently praised for both its substance and style. We like to think that is why our clients have kept coming back since 1986.

It takes a full service production company to create an aesthetically cohesive and informative program. MultiMedia is not a group of freelancers. We are a fully staffed production company. Every part of your project is done in-house, from scriptwriting, to shooting, editing, graphics, narration (depending on which narrator you choose) to duplication, our team of professionals knows how to make your project stand out from the crowd. And our in-house capabilities include not only videos, but interactive DVDs, CD-ROMs, graphics, audio programs and podcasts.

See our work and decide for yourself. The video wall above is interactive. Click on an image to see a video, click again to return back to the wall. The slider bar below the wall controls the orientation of the contents of the wall.
The Story Continues, News Blog: On location in the media landscape

PBS News Hour story done at MultiMedia

Journalist Marcia Biggs with MultiMedia Video Senior Editor Amina Megalli. Marcia returned from Eastern Iraq with the material for a piece on volunteer American Freedom Fighters fighting with the Kurdish Army against Iraq. Emmy award winner Marcia Biggs produced the 8 minute piece with Amina Megalli. Amina’s extensive documentary experience (HBO, 60 minutes 2, ABC, […]

MultiMedia Streams Live Video

Many people don’t realize that we have perfected our live streaming video capabilities. If there is an Internet connection of at least 5mb per second, we can stream realtime high definition video around the world to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers. One of our clients had a problem. Their event was so popular that […]

“O Canada”

We just came back from a successful corporate video shoot in Ontario Canada. Our clients do not always realize that we usually drive our company van to most of our shoots that are 500 miles or less from our studios in New Jersey. It may take an hour or two longer than flying (when you […]